With the Internet, a small smartphone becomes a technological masterpiece. We store a lot of things on smartphones. Such as apps. Apps come in many formats. Entertainment, infotainment, online wallet are some of them and then WhatsApp, it is a very interesting app.

There are more than 400 million WhatsApp users in India. People consume a lot of information through WhatsApp. Recently WhatsApp has been at the center of many controversies in the country.

whatsapp and fake news

In the last few years, WhatsApp has been used as a weapon to spread misinformation and wrong propaganda. Keyboard Warriors are no less dangerous than weapon rioters. Many people have been killed due to the Fake News spread on WhatsApp, people have lost friends due to the arguments on such social media apps .

Everyone has had a bad experience when it comes to WhatsApp chat, whether it is political propaganda and religious hatred in the form of religious hatred, it is spread aggressively through the WhatsApp forward button, according to one estimate, WhatsApp forward theoretical Can reach more than half of India’s population.

How Fake news is Made?

A lot of fake news is being circulated on WhatsApp. Every news organization has a fact-checking team that verifies the authenticity of a news item. But anyone can be a news editor on WhatsApp.It is very easy to write viral fake news on this social media platform. Start with quoting a trusted organization, write some random garbage in between and end the post with words like ‘Share, urgent’, so your Fake news is ready.

Who makes fake news?

Most of the fake news/misinformation is spread by IT cell owned by political parties, to get benefits against their opponents. some misinformation spread by youtube channels, online portals to get more viewers and visitors, ultimately to earn revenue from that.

A recent Microsoft poll found that more than 64 percent of Indians faced online Fake News. The threat of Fake News has been a major problem for many countries and news organizations in the world. And even Whatsapp has accepted this problem and given many updates to the app to deal with this problem.

 Measures that can we taken to counter this issue?

We want to talk about the measures that can be taken at the individual level to counter the problem, let’s talk about possible solutions.

  • We have to change our thinking and assume that everything on WhatsApp is fake until verified personally.
  • Never forward WhatsApp message without verifying its authenticity. Because if ginger could cure coronavirus. ginger tea would have been used to fight the disease, instead of the Chinese government building hospitals within days.
  • Whatsapp University offers a Masters Degree in Religious and Political Messages. There are fake political narratives that have made their way into history books without any verification. You should know that any WhatsApp Forward without Trusted Link Sources probably has a built-in IT cell to brainwash you.
  •  Whatsapp forwards are often believed to blindly trust anyone regardless of a fact check. So if your relative is spreading fake news without verifying, then you should not argue with them. We should not disrespect our elders. nobody has ever won a logical discussion on WhatsApp. Whereas, just a simple Google search is required to verify the facts of any such social media message.
  •  It is very easy to find articles related to the economy and other aspects of our country, fact-checking is not very difficult. This is very easy – just remove the keywords from the viral message and search them on Google. This will help you verify their authenticity Or many news portals publish these fake news in the Fact Check section, follow them. You keep updating yourself with all the fact-checking posts published on these websites. This is the best way to deal with misinformation. 

Follow fact check section provided on our website, for the latest update of such misinformation/viral messages

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