Fake news has become something of a hot topic in recent months. So much so that Collins dictionary even announced “fake news” as their word of the year for 2017.

A recent Microsoft poll found that more than 64 percent of Indians faced online Fake News. The threat of Fake News has been a major problem for many countries and news organizations in the world.

These fake news/misinformation has caused lives of many peoples in india, due to false information shared in social media.

Here, with the medium of Fakealert.in, we are aimed to spread awareness about this serious problem. Our team will post blogs related to :

  • what is fake news/misinformation/rumors
  • how to spot/identify fake news
  • How to deal with misinformation
  • How can you contribute to prevent the spread of fake news

Our aim is to do fact check of post-viral fake messages posted on social media. we welcome our readers to send us if they come across any such viral message. we will do fact check and post on the fact-checking section.

Send your queries, Fact Checking Request to info@fakealert.in

Apart from these misinformation topics, we are intended to spread awareness about fake products in the market. We will be posting tips to identify various fake products.

Let’s kill fake news together. Don’t fall for it, Do not let your loved one fall for it.


About the author :

I am a marine Engineer professional and blogger, completed marine Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic. Presently working as Chief Engineer In Maersk Line. I have traveled to several countries, during my work tenure and eager to share all my experience and expertise through different blogging sites.